Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Love and Sprockets.

Ahh. A bands very first real blog. We've posted some blogs on our myspace page ( before, but this is like big-boy blogging at its finest.

Our first album comes out soon, and I'm tired from all the work that goes into getting an album ready for all you people to buy it. All the writing and recording that went into it was fun, but all this art and website shit is tiring. I'm doing all the art for the cd packaging, and Graham- the other half of Diads- is doing all the website stuff. Check it out, it's in its beginning stages, but it's cool:

And if you're into checking out some stuff, go listen to Graham's solo project Mess of it ALL. Then you should buy his record. It's the good stuff.
Remember, don't let your meat loaf.


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