Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Official Diads Biography

Our good friend just finished the Official Diads Biography. Like, totally check it out:

On Diads.
(Official Biography_ By J. Thomas Omeara)

    The exact details of the meeting of Graham Sedam and Tim Kress are so obscured in rhetoric as to be impossible to reconcile what is truth, and what's fiction. One thing that can be known for sure is that they met in the middle of what's become known as the Late-To-Early-Mid-Dark-Ages (the 1990's), in a garage in Middle America. At that first meeting, defying all odds, they didn't play a single Nirvana song. In fact, they didn't play any music at all. When asked about that day, Tim remembers a guy there that spoke Spanish only, even though he was of Belgian decent. Graham remembers all the blood.

    They formed a band with a few other misinformed disaffected angst ridden youths. Mostly they played Metallica songs. Remember the chocolate orange juice, the Beastie Billies? Hiding under the train table? They don't either.

    Fast forward a decade- a time spent away from each other, for the most part. A time spent making babies(Tim), music, arts, and going to school for one of them (Graham, now living 374 miles away, in a different Middle American town).
Here you'll find Tim in a band that was going nowhere fast, and Graham working on his solo project, Mess of it ALL. Inspired by shifty drum machines, over-priced synthesizers, distortion, boredom, and high-speed Internet, they decided to form a band, Diads. Tim would supply most of the beats, sequencing, guitars, basses, and other things. Graham would supply his highly superior skills as an engineer, and his haunting, strangely vulnerable vocals. Over the next year, they wrote and recorded a starkly cinematic electronic album, entitled, Make You Dirty.

Graham's favorite color is dead. He is jealous of his solitude.

Tim likes to hate the technology that makes it possible to do everything he does. His favorite thing is brown.

"Yes, it is I. I will make you dirty."- Make You Dirty

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