Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What is Diads?

If you do a search or a 'google' as the kids call it, you can find quite an array of acronyms, chemical / biological and musical references etc. My favorites however are the links to Diads...the Band.

As far as my musical workings concerning Diads-
Lately, I've been writing lyrics for songs that will be on the 2nd release. Tim has created quite a bit of music since the release of Make You Dirty -June '07. And being I write the bulk of the lyrics, I have some songs to write.

However, there's never an ending or really a beginning. It's all one continuous flow of inspirado; take some here give some there. First, you need to find how to embolden the inspirado - tap in. Life is an idea, it is inspirado. Second, time the inspirado to strike at its peak maturing. Let life reflect the inspirado. Third, manifest the inspirado in creation. Before you know it all three steps will be flourishing simultaneously.


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