Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Let's Play A Little Game Of Catch-up

So, it's been awhile. I decided to put up a post here, obviously. I've been thinking about it. For how long? I don't know, but it's more than just a random act of writing. I guess the next part would be to play catch-up, but not throw in too many details.

Diads as a group has been mostly dormant since the release of Early Mourning and its soundtrack, but Tim and I have been busy no less. Our personal lives have been front and center, and since being Diads is not our only outlet for creativity, we have strayed from any focus on it whatsoever. We would love for you to visit our personal sites to see what we've been up to. The links for those are actually in the banner to this website, though, they are abbreviated. My personal web-hub for all things Graham is fittingly named, and Tim's center-of-the-net is

Why now? Why here?

While I do have a personal blog at the aforementioned site, I do want to try and be more "present" with my projects and their sites. That may come as a post on the Diads blog or may be a link to a related post on my personal blog. I can't hope for others to be engaged when I am not. This is what I plan to do, I can't speak for Tim.

And about music, you know, the purpose to the site...

I released an EP, The Depth of Layers, last year under my solo project, Mess of it ALL. It's a six song set that is lyrically (and even a bit musically) inspired by the classic novel, DUNE. I also finished mastering an album, Reflections, that is for a project I'm a part of called Colour the Moon. It seems natural to me that I should turn to Diads for the next release.

Back when Tim and I were almost completely focused on Diads, Tim had written a lot of music. What this means now is that there is material we want to finish and release that has been saved in cold storage. While Tim has basically done his part, I now have my role to play. These songs are in various states and some need more work than others. Dependent upon how much work is required, how much time is available to work, and the vibes we are getting with the material, the next release will be an EP or an LP. I can't read the future well enough to know. I'm thinking an EP is most likely.

As this post is already longer than I expected, I will leave it there for now. I will be posting on the progress (or lack thereof) of the next Diads project as it unravels. Each post in this series will be labeled "blogging the album" for ease.