Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Evolution Of Evolution

I never intended, and certainly won't stick to, writing a post for each song. The last post, "Gravity, A History," did talk about one song, Gravity. I'm sure I'll have more to say on that before the album's finished since it's not done yet. For now, I'll speak about another song. I'm pretty sure it'll be called Evolution or have that word in the title. Maybe, The Evolution of Evolution?

This song started as a bit of a jam session with Tim and me. We haven't had too many of these over the years, but they used to pop up occasionally. Our process has mostly been Tim writing music and then I would write lyrics and add vocals. There have been plenty of instances Tim has contributed to lyrics or a melody for the vocals, and I likewise have contributed to the music through playing bass guitar. The recording engineering aspect is done pretty equally between Tim and me, but I do most of the mix engineering myself.

For the particular jam session that produced this song, Tim had written a simple drum pattern and let it play in the background as we fiddled with our instruments. I had brought my electric guitar and was trying some things with that. Tim was on his bass doing the same. We liked what we were coming up with and felt good about it becoming a new song.

I don't remember exactly what else happened. We may have recorded that session, but I don't remember there being a file from it. We do everything with computers, so that file might have been erased. What I do remember is getting an email with a file from Tim that had drums and bass recorded on it that was a replica of what we had played during our jam session. By the time I had received the file, maybe a few days or a week later, I had either forgotten the parts I played or was inspired to do something different. I think it was the latter. It's been many years. Things get forgotten. I do know I was and am super excited about the guitar parts I wrote and recorded.

I had written and recorded some vocals many years ago to some of the parts in the song. I've been debating since whether or not to add vocals to one part in particular. I have written some lyrics over the past year that could potentially be used and / or modified. What it really comes down to at this point is playing the song and experimenting with vocal ideas. In the past, I wasn't feeling the musical vibe we had created in a vocal sense. That could be different now. Or, there could be no vocals. I'm not big on that idea as of now since my opinion is that it wouldn't seem right when the vocals do come in during the parts I know I want to have vocals.

I'll leave it at that. Some things you just have to hear.

Back to work!