Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Back In Action

I've recently started recording vocals. As can be read in a post ("What's In The Booth?") at my personal blog, I was holding off on recording this winter until I had a sound-treated booth built. However, don't be fooled into thinking that I would have already been recording vocals had it been built earlier. Now that it's done, being able to work on the album, at this point, is only a matter of timing and the lyrical content available.

I had reached a point with mixing where doing any more work without having all of the pieces present wasn't going to be helpful. There comes a point where work being done may have to be reworked to accommodate and blend in new parts. I've been through the process enough times to know this. Plus, breaks are always good when it comes to working on music in any capacity. The problems usually come from taking breaks that are too long or not breaking at all. That doesn't mean not working on anything related, just the act of working one song or project to its death. This is my opinion, at least. Like I said, I've been through it enough times.

Last week, I recorded some vocals and tried out some ideas. I didn't get nearly as far as I would've liked, but a start is a start and without that there's nothing. I wasn't able to work for more than a few hours due to a plethora of responsibilities barking at me. Considering I needed the bulk of my free time to get a good start on another musical project, I left last week with a drive to get much more accomplished this week. Plenty of time is spoken for already. It's going to be tough. But, as far as music goes, I'll only be working on Diads.

For the foreseeable future, as far as this project is concerned, I will be focused on vocals and lyrics until they're done. I'll throw in some light mixing depending on where I'm at in the process or how my week is going. Also, I'll want to have something to show Tim to get his feedback on.

So far, I think it's going well. The swiftness of the process up until now may have given me some false presumptions about this next phase of the albums development that I'm currently in. Recording vocals and writing the missing lyrics will certainly take its fair share of time to work through. Regardless, I'm excited to be moving forward!