Saturday, May 26, 2007

Welcome to the official Diads website.
The site is currently under construction, and we're working on all the stuff that goes into bringing this album together. Our debut album, "Make You Dirty" will be released on 06.19.07. Also on that day the site will officially go live, which means it'll have mp3 samples of all the songs from the album, plus some bonus tracks. More news soon, but until then:

A short history_ Graham and I met in the fall of '94, getting together to play in a band called "MindShaft"- really a pretty crappy band to tell the truth. We went our own ways musically for about 10 years. Graham moved to Minneapolis in the fall of '98, with Matt VanOpdorp- who was in "MindShaft"- and they started the band Five Dollar Fatso. Eventually he got tired of the whole band thing and decided to go to school for recording engineering, and do his own thing, "Mess of it ALL."

Meanwhile, I started a super awesome family. In '03, I co-founded the band "The Kindly Ones," with some good friends. We had a good run of it, but family obligations, and other things led me to quit the band. Right around the same time, Graham and I started messing around with writing computer based music. Sample based. Lot's of drum machines. Actually, when we first started writing music, we wanted it to be completely digital. That shit went right out the door when one of the songs needed a guitar in it. You can't tell the songs what to do, they tell you what to do.

So, about a year and some change later, we have a rad album for people to buy, and make us super rich.
Also, Graham is a big fan of bunny rabbits, and I absolutely love NASCAR, and the written lie.


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