Thursday, June 7, 2007

He Doesn't Know.

So, this is my first official diads blog.  I'm sitting here, chatting with Tim
on-line, thinking of what to write...

We'll have an album soon as I'm sure you've heard.  It's called
Make You Dirty.  Right now it is in the manufacturing process.
Rest assured, Tim and I are steadily at work doing all the behind
the scenes work that allows you to have Diads in your life.
We wouldn't deprive you of that.  In fact I will be meeting with one
of the Matt's tonight to discuss and execute business and finance.

On the creative side of things: I am beginning work on my second
Mess of it ALL album and the second Diads album.
I haven't begun any tracking or putting parts together etc, just sifting
through ideas and writing lyrics.
Doing some ground work, if that makes sense to you.


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