Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Man, it's been a while. Good thing nobody reads this.

For reals.
The reason we've not posted here lately is that there's not much news.
To be honest.
Our record has been out for a while, and sales are less than good.
But you can help us out with that.
Buy our cd. Please.

If you really must know what's going on, then I suppose I'll tell you.
We're busy on our follow up album to the "hit" Make You Dirty.
We are in the early stages.
We are also trying to get our label going. You can find it at BlueRyckenMusics.net

Our site is moving to here.

And if you wish to contact us, do so at diads.music@gmail.com

Just trying to stream-line the operation.

Also, the new studio room/control center at BlueRyckenStudioSouth is a nice shade of hot ass pink.

Goodbye for now, and remember that I'll love you until the end of everything.


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