Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A blog for the centuries

Once again I sit here with many subjects I could talk about, many things in which to say. Tangents I could begin and then end with a fitting closing sentence and whatnot. Perhaps that is for another day. Another day you wonder? As you sit reading what is my 2nd official Diads blog.

Lately I have been working on music for Mess of it ALL's 2nd release. I'm happy with the progress albeit a generally slow one. I also bought an electric guitar the day after Christmas last year. My first one, well overdue. I have an acoustic and I have played bass for 14 years, so it's not a stretch. Just never had one.

I also have credits on the BRM Collaborative Effort, Gentlemen of a Certain Age. This will be available soon to the public, January 18th to be exact. Six songs will be debuted on the GoaCA page with more coming at a pace in the future. Go to BlueRyckenMusics.Net to find out more.

Have no fear, I assure you Diads is still in motion only in a slower gear. Both Tim and I have been putting efforts towards other projects that you will soon hear. When will the next Diads album come out? Well, I say haven't you heard the one we just came out with?

Buy 'Make You Dirty'. Stimulate our economy and lead us out of this potential recession. Don't do it for yourself. Do it for your country......and Diads.


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